12 Things Indonesia Can Teach Us About U.S. Real Estate

Indonesia Village Home
I just returned from a 3 week trip in Indonesia and wanted to share some observations related to real estate. In each place I stayed it was something different. I find it helpful to look at trends in a different context to help spot trends existing in your current place. So, without further ado, here are the observations:   Uluwatu, Bali Indonesia (a beach town on the Southern tip of the island) Prices in Indonesia are REALLY cheap. We stayed at a house for 2 nights. Got a ride...

Ask James: Should You Really Pick The First Qualified Applicant?

Tenant Screening From a Pool of Applicants
Today we're going to try something new. Chances are you have questions when it comes to your real estate investment. I know I did when I first got started (and to be honest, still have questions). I'd like to help answer your questions like the one below about picking the first qualified applicant. You can send your questions on our contact page and I'll answer them. Today's question comes from Kelly on tenant screening. He asked, "Do I really need to pick the first qualified applicant? O...