Real Estate Investing Produces Gyroscopic Cash Flow

Most people start investing in real estate to earn "passive income". The idea is simple: buy a home, rent it out, collect checks in your mailbox each month. Boom! Passive income! That's one of the reasons I invested in real estate in the first place. However, this isn't completely true for the DIYer. Here's how my first month went as a landlord.... We bought a property that needed some serious TLC. Since we were just getting started, we couldn't afford to hire someone else to mak...

What is a Professional DIY Landlord?

Welcome to Professional DIY Landlord. I'm your host, James Furlo, and this website is dedicated to helping landlords become the best possible landlords they can be. We're going to explore all sorts of topics related to landlords to help you succeed. But first, let's talk about the origins of the website's name and the purpose behind this website.   The Professional Level When I think about what it means to be a professional, I think about football. Did you know that over 1,000,000 ...