Real Estate Investing Baby Steps

Taking Baby Steps
Kids are interesting beasts. One minute they lack a certain skill, and the next, they suddenly possess the skill. For example, last week my daughter could not walk. She could stand on her own. She could pick up items and inspect them while standing. But when it came to traveling, she would plop down on all fours. She didn't really show an interest in walking either. Then without warning, while hanging out in the bedroom, she stood up and took a couple baby steps like it was no big deal...

What’s the Best Legal Structure for Owning Real Estate?

Nested Legal Structure
For my next real estate purchase, I'm investigating partnering with a couple dudes. Their construction experience and my property management experience should make for a solid team. Together, we want to buy distressed multi-family properties, fix them up and rent them out. These partnership discussions naturally brought up questions on the best legal structure we should use for owning these properties. To help figure out what to do, we met with a lawyer, an insurance agent, and an accountant...

What Are Some of the Best Tools for Receiving Rent?

It's the first of the month and rent is due. How do you get it? There are many options and it's hard to go wrong. So try a couple different ones that make the most sense to you and see how it goes because you can always change it later. I broke this into 3 different groups. Face-to-Face is the hardest, but helps set the stage for the other two. Semi-automated is where a lot of landlords start out. It does require some effort, but if you don't have many rentals, it's definitely OK. The thi...